We are excited to announce that the Litecoin Foundation has teamed up with Bibox Exchange and Ternio to release a special edition Litecoin BlockCard. The soon to be released debit card will enable users to spend the value of their cryptocurrency either online or in physical store locations, anywhere in the world where major credit cards are accepted. This special edition card will leverage the existing BlockCard platform Ternio has released.

The Litecoin Foundation, Bibox Exchange, and Ternio want to give crypto holders the ability to spend cryptocurrency with the same ease as traditional credit cards. Through this collaboration, these three companies will help propel the adoption of crypto spending in everyday life. Customers will have the ability to make deposits in various cryptocurrencies and then keep their spendable value in Litecoin (LTC), Bibox Token (BIX), or Ternio (TERN).

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