The Litecoin Foundation Launches the #GrandparentsExplainCrypto Contest

23 thoughts on “The Litecoin Foundation Launches the #GrandparentsExplainCrypto Contest

  1. paul neville Reply

    I am a grandfather of 66yrs and i explain crypto this way>>>’cryptocurrency is crowdfunding for tech innovation that will have benefits for the mainstream…its possible to get financial gains if you invest in one that becomes successful.’

  2. Lisa Field Reply

    I have an Instagram page explaining cryptocurrencies that includes key terms and events. This is done using my dog and the neighbour’s cat. Check it out
    PS I am a grandmother and I am called cryptogran because I know more that my children about cryptos!

  3. John M. Reid Reply

    LTC Foundation and Elon Musk partner for the Lol (Litecoin for Older Ladies). Tesla is releasing through Home Depot solar roofs in the next six months. Why not have solar roofs installed on people with financial needs power mining ⛏ equipment? They got us through the Great Depression, World War II, and the Cold War? Let’s bridge their needs with this technology? They are smart, hard working, and thirty. They can mine and work (I think) and solar may be able to power the equipment. Just a thought…

  4. Jeff Reply

    Does it have to be my grandparents? My mom has absolutely no idea what cryptocurrency is but I would love to do this contest with her.

    • ecurrencyhodler Reply

      Haha okay. For the sake of family, We’ll make an exception for you!

  5. Tony Sossong Reply

    I think this is such an amazing contest and am so excited to have my grandpa participate. What a way to collaborate thoughts across generations!


    Hey NOw!
    Would love to enter!
    Cannot find “full contest rules” link

    I live in Canada and a definate “Crypto Grandpa” Just got the news this week! First Grandchild!

    Can a cool Canadian Gramps enter to win?
    link me to “full contest rules?

    • Keith Yong Reply

      Hi, could you try turning off ad-blocker or use another mobile phone to view the page?

  7. Vitalii Reply

    English-speaking grandparents is a must? Can I use subtitles for my submission?

  8. Isaac Reply

    My mother is now a grand mum of 3 grandchildren…from Africa is she eligible for this contest? She is called mama africa crypto

  9. Goergina Reply

    Hi! One quetion. Does the video need to be in English? Or can it be recorded in some other languages + subs?
    Thank you for this amazing chance of building bridges across people of all ages 🙂

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