Litecoin payment processor accreditation program FAQ

1. What is the accredited Litecoin payment processor program?

As a non-profit organisation, Litecoin Foundation’s mission is to promote Litecoin adoption. The Litecoin  Foundation implements this accreditation program to provide assurance to Litecoin users that Litecoin payment processors are qualified and meet the minimum standards.

This accreditation program is applicable for any payment provider that offers payment services involving Litecoin.

2. Why should my company be accredited?

Litecoin Foundation accreditation process provides an independent stamp of approval for Litecoin payment processors and enhances users’ confidence in the use of the processors for Litecoin payments.
Litecoin Foundation will list the accredited Litecoin payment processors in its website.  All accredited payment providers will be able to display an official Litecoin “Accredited” logo it its marketing materials.

3. How do I apply for the accreditation?

To apply for the certification, please fill up this form and email the completed form to [email protected] .

4. What are the fees involved?

One-time accreditation fee of US$1,000 for crypto-only payment processor and US$2,500 for Litecoin-to-fiat payment processor.  This application fee is non-refundable whether the accreditation is approved or not.
Annual review will be done at US$500.

5. Ongoing review

The accreditation status is subject to annual review.  Litecoin Foundation reserves the right to revoke the accreditation status at any time, particularly if there are developments resulting in the accredited processor not meeting our internal accreditation requirements.  In such an event, the accredited payment processor should cease to reference itself as a Litecoin Foundation accredited merchant.

6. Representation

Litecoin Foundation does not make any explicit representations on the business, financials, security and going-concern status of the accredited payment processor, and is not liable for any damages resulting from any third party reliance on this accreditation.