A clear indication of the world of cryptocurrency expanding and reaching into newer realms can be seen form it being mentioned in the anime series of Marvel’s ‘Deadpool’. The script of the finale episode of the series finds mention of the two major cryptocurrencies viz. Bitcoin and Litecoin.   Continue reading here.


  • Tami says:

    I read this article earlier today, and while it sounds good on the surface, the fact is the series has been canceled. And, honestly, I think even posting the article may have done more harm than good. If LTC really wants to get into Hollywood–and spread the word without having to worry about bans on advertisement, then I’d suggest reaching out to Indie film makers. Offer a small contribution (you could even use LTC and get them involved in the market), you’d be amazed how many would jump on that opportunity. Hell, I would.

    But whatever you do, I’d do it pretty quick, because things are not looking good.

  • Frank says:

    Litecoin paying “contributions” to get named in movies is the worst, corniest idea ever. That’s a terrible idea someone like Coca Cola would do. It’s called product placement. Litecoin doesn’t need to ask anyone in Hollywood for anything. Litecoin – just continue focusing on what you do best: being the fastest, safest, most secure, most cost effective, best branded, most compatible with Bitcoin coin ever.
    Hollywood and everyone else will start mentioning it soon enough. Litecoin’s utility makes it’s impossible to ignore.

  • Justin says:

    Litecoin, is revolutionizing the way we transact value, (money)! I love the speed, the cost effectiveness and the security it brings! I just want the damn taxes to get figured out so we can use debit cards and not have to account for every transaction….come on #CFTC #SEC get it together!

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