After several hard-fought, intense back and forth discussions within the Litecoin community, it was decided that Litecoin will undergo a rejuvenating marketing campaign — Litecoin will be rebranding itself to “BitcoinLite”.

Why, you ask? After thorough research and witnessing the amount of newcomers that were getting confused, buying Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Gold thinking they were the real Bitcoin, we saw an opportunity to gain new followers that we’d previously been missing.

Due to the lack of people researching Litecoin and failing to learn about how it’s basically Bitcoin Jr. (also PoW, algorithm dominant, no pre-mine, etc.), it only seemed logical to change the word “Litecoin” to “BitcoinLite”, mostly, ironically, to avoid confusion and not trick people into thinking it’s something other than that.

The community was really asking for an energetic, refreshing marketing campaign after a couple of folks mentioned Litecoin was too boring, so we also thought it’d be a good idea to make Litecoin less boring by associating it with Bitcoin. For some reason, a lot of DeFi folks didn’t think this made sense, claiming Bitcoin was a dinosaur. The Litecoin community ignored this push-back from the DeFi-ers, coming to the consensus that dinosaurs (particularly the T-Rex), are not boring.

The whitepaper for this idea was fabricated by a pseudonymous Litecoin contributor, named Lamb0g!gaChad, presumably located in a mother’s basement somewhere, although his Zoom background showed that he was casually sitting in a Mars base-camp.

Lamb0g!gaChad claimed that the source of his inspiration came from a walk through the dairy aisle at the market, noticing that many products had a “Lite” version — light butter, light yogurt, light cheese, etc . — offering healthier alternatives to the original product.

This is when the “lite” turned on in his head and thought, there is always a light version of the original — it’s part of human nature, and human nature must not be tampered with. Hence, the idea for BitcoinLite was created. As of today, there’s been overwhelming support for this re-vamping, aside from 95% of the crypto space.

The first step to get the ball rolling will be to get our hands on the Bitcoin domain and publish information mostly about BitcoinLite, as well as links to where to purchase it (with strategic placing well above the other crypto buy-options). Community donations will be much appreciated to help achieve this task, as Litecoin unfortunately did not have an ICO launch to help pay for everything (darn it, being fairly launched sucks sometimes…also, decentralization is so pre-2015).

To clarify, there are no intentions of claiming the throne to being “the real Bitcoin”, as a matter of fact — while Lamb0g!gaChad was at the market, he saw more people purchasing the lite version of the dairy products than the original — something he hadn’t seen when he was younger. A change of air, perhaps? He did mention he was shopping at Whole Foods, but that may or may not have had anything to do with people choosing the lighter, healthier option. (Fun fact: Claiming he shopped at Whole Foods confirms he does in fact live on planet earth).

Because he saw so many people buying the light-products, he came to the conclusion that it was important to stay close to the original product (Bitcoin), but drastically differentiating itself at the same time — hence, BitcoinLite.

After having our website up and running, the next step in the roadmap will be getting BitcoinLite integrated at — yes, you guessed it! Whole Foods! We truly feel that healthy shoppers will be inclined to buy BitcoinLite over other, higher carb options. We also think it’ll be cute for Whole Foods to sell a BitcoinLite themed chicken, considering that was Litecoin’s mascot. It makes perfect sense. One thing will lead to another and who knows what can happen…Amazon does own Whole Foods (wink wink).

It’s been a wild ride getting here, but we’re so glad to finally have reached this point. There’s no doubt that Lamb0g!gaChad will go down as a legend in BitcoinLite history for his hard work and contribution. April 1st marks the beginning of a fresh, brand-new quarter and so far, we’re starting it off with a kick. We’ll be keeping the community updated on this ongoing process.

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