Centercoin (CENT) and the Litecoin Foundation have announced the implementation of Litecoin (LTC) into the Centercoin payment ecosystem.

CenterCoin’s implementation as a Defi decentralized payment system allows for a real-life payment-based token economy, where holders and projects can coexist and continuously grow together.
With CenterCoin’s recently announcing that it will be integrating CENT Wallet as a payment service in Hikick’s eco-friendly Scooter Platform, it’s perfect timing for Litecoin to be involved. In addition, CENT rewards the user by providing Centercoin rewards for scooters and other transaction activities.
CenterCoin payments can be made at 100s of merchants and other points of sale across Korea.
There are currently about 10 exchanges including CoinBene and Bithumb Global where CenterCoin is listed. CENT is actively trading on the Cashierest Exchange and Flata Exchange in Korea and has recently finished being listed on the Big One Exchange; a large-scale exchange in China.
At the same time, CenterCoin states that via the Center Wallet, currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are now able to make payments at CenterCoin merchants. Centercoin is actively focused on expanding the number of viable merchants. And is attracting the attention of many tokenized companies that want to enter the coin settlement market by completing the service so that the coins can be integrated.
DeFi is Decentralized Finance which is the notion to recreate conventional financial instruments in a blockchain-based decentralized architecture. Examples of DeFi services include MakerDao, BlockFi, Genesis Capital, Cred, Trinito, Compound, and D.Coon, however, the majority of these are focused on lending and loan services. CenterCoin, on the other hand, is focused on payments.

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