1.) How did you first get involved in Litecoin?

I first got into Litecoin in early 2017 after finding out about Bitcoin. As I was transferring my BTC to another exchange, I realized that it took a very long time. That’s when I started to use Litecoin to transfer between exchanges for the speed and I realized Litecoin was more practical to use. After that, I started to research which crypto had the strongest fundamentals and it came down to Bitcoin and Litecoin. Bitcoin was the most secure and Litecoin was the most reliable with a history to back it up.

I joined twitter in 2009 but never used it. At the beginning of 2018 I started to use it to follow Charlie Lee and get more information about Litecoin. One day, I direct messaged Charlie on Twitter and told him that even though I don’t have a high school diploma or a college degree, if he’d give me a chance I wouldn’t let him down. To my surprise, he gave me that chance and invited me to join the Litecoin Foundation.

2.) You recently traveled to Asia to meet with several crypto companies. What are some of the things that stood out to you in terms of how these countries are embracing the technology?

Before I left for Asia, I thought adoption was a few years away. However, after visiting six countries in southeast Asia, I realized that we are actually much further out from the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. The biggest takeaway was that most crypto communities that are being built over there were formed through air drops and clever marketing, rather than sound fundamentals of a truly decentralized blockchain like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

I felt that they were more or less breeding crypto gamblers rather than educating people about the freedom that the technology can bring to them. That’s when I realized that most people in the world don’t have the time, education, or  opportunity to learn about the intricacies of blockchain technology.

I left Asia thinking that I must find a way to make things more accessible for average people to use and understand. My vision is to build a team that cares more about the Asian people and how blockchain and crypto technology can empower them, than finding ways to profit off of them. I believe we need more people in the crypto community who are driven by purpose more than they are profit.

3.) You also recently spoke to a students at Penn University? What did you tell them and what were some of the biggest takeaways from that?


To be honest, since I’ve never really been in a college setting I was intimidated as soon as I walked into the lecture hall. I’m usually comfortable in front of a crowd, but they had me nervous from the start.

I spoke to them about true decentralized blockchains like Bitcoin and Litecoin — BTC being the most secure and LTC being the most reliable with zero downtime since its inception in 2011. I also discussed adoption and the use case of Litecoin as a form of payment. Whether it’s on chain transactions at a car dealership, or through platforms like the Spedn App to purchase movie tickets at AMC. I also shared about my “Aha!” moment when my son paid for movie tickets with LTC through Spedn App and the transaction convinced my son that LTC wasn’t just a speculative asset but actual money that can purchase goods and services.

At the end of the day, most US students are not looking for ways to spend cryptocurrencies because they are used to things like Venmo, PayPal, and credit cards. Part of this stems from the fact that they aren’t being taught about how our financial systems actually works. Unfortunately, for many in this demographic, it will take something drastic to happen to our financial system in order for them to consider crypto a viable option.

4.) You have been one of the most active and vocal leaders of the #PayWithLitecoin movement. Can you tell us more about the individuals in the Litecoin community that you have been working with and what separates this community from other communities in the crypto space?

I have a saying, “The world doesn’t need more information, they need a demonstration.” The people from the #LitecoinFam believe in passion, adoption, and demonstration and have gotten off their butts and decided to do something about it.

We have Jon Moore going business to business and signing them up to accept Litecoin as payment. Kat traveling across the US in a crypto branded Van visiting businesses to educate them about accepting Litecoin. Paulie, a truck driver puts up Litecoin seed cards with a QR code in all the places he stops on his route. Litecoin Lisa getting charities to accept Litecoin and interviewing regular people about their journeys and helping Bitcoin Ben with meet ups all over the US. Rob and George are business owners who accept Litecoin as payment for their services while educating their employees and customers about LTC. We have, Zog, Becca, Randy, Dom, Jean, Clint, Mitch, Jim, David, Andrew, Alan, Brian, Mamae, Jeremy, Jared, and so many more who play a part in this movement.

I believe that a small group of passionate people are more effective than a large group that is passionless.

5.) What is your number one piece of advice for anyone considering getting involved with Litecoin today?

The reason I picked Litecoin is because of its history, security, and reliability. When you lack reliability that’s been proven over time, you use clever marketing techniques to entice new users. Litecoin is 98% dominant in its Scrypt algorithm which makes it very secure. What people fail to realize is that 8 years of zero downtime in any space is quite an achievement. Litecoin works both as a store of value and a means of exchange. You can kill two birds with one stone. Lastly, the LTC community is the most passionate and proactive community in crypto. We freely give our time and energy to educate and push for adoption all over the world. Real passion for adoption isn’t an on and off switch, it’s a lifestyle. LitecoinFam doesn’t discriminate, we believe everyone rich or poor should be able to participate. It’s for the people, by the people, in all walks of life.

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