The Litecoin Foundation has partnered with Cornerstone Global Management, Inc, a Tennessee based company geared towards providing a seamless way to convert any kind of pay (salary, commissions, bonuses, 1099 contractor work) through it’s simple but powerful platform called ‘Hedge’, to bring attention to the first pay conversion platform that offers Litecoin as one of its cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin investors have been clamoring for a way to directly convert their income into LTC for some time. That time is finally here. The Litecoin Foundation, through its partnership with Hedge, has created its own web site dedicated specifically to on-boarding Litecoin investors who wish to use the service, and can be found at First for residents of the US, and later in 2022 for those located in the EU, United Kingdom, Latin America more geographic locations to come online globally within the next 12 months.

Hedge allows anyone who receives payment for their services to receive that money in their native fiat currency and have it immediately converted and held on the Hedge platform, or automatically sent out to any wallets the user has identified ahead of time through allocation choices made on Hedge.

The idea being, investors now have a dollar cost average (DCA) platform that allows them to parse out their cryptocurrency purchases to other native wallets they may own is already exciting, but the fact Hedge is the first in the world to offer Litecoin as one of those options is the aspect the Litecoin Foundation is obviously most excited about.

Hedge is already being used by cryptocurrency investors throughout the United States. One of the most notable users to date is CJ Sapong, the longtime and highly respected Major League Soccer (MLS) Forward of the Nashville Soccer Club (Nashville SC). CJ will also be using Hedge during the upcoming MLS season to convert his pay into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Litecoin investors who wish to use the service, and can be found at

About Cornerstone Global Management, Inc: Cornerstone Global Managment, Inc provides a simple and seamless way for employees to allocate any portion of their salary for conversion into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and sent to the wallet(s) of their choice through their revolutionary platform ‘Hedge’. The platform is also available for integration directly into any cryptocurrency wallet, exchange or app. Cornerstone’s ability to fully service the individual investor also includes pre-paid/debit card offerings involving cryptocurrencies, giving its users a full spectrum of services.

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