Litecoin Foundation’s main job is to hire full-time developers for the Litecoin project. We plan to raise 200,000 USD a year to support at least three full-time developers.

We have many Litecoin developers who have been working voluntarily on Litecoin part-time for months or years and some are eager to work full-time as soon as possible. One developer costs about 30,000 USD to 60,000 USD per year depending on the developer’s location and experience.


Donate to Litecoin Foundation using Litecoin, Bitcoin or Paypal.  Any amount will be appreciated. If you choose to donate anonymously, please directly send Litecoins to the foundation’s Litecoin address:

3BTxuixRkhMQfTSqCLmq9Wn4jJ9H3dszhX or MHg7DcNPhpCqTxijJDmAyA2U3zjj475uf8 (The two addresses are the same).

Our donor list can be found here.



If your company offers products and services and would like to contribute a portion of your sales or profits as donation to the Litecoin Foundation, we welcome you to list your products and services in the Litecoin Foundation website.   Email to [email protected] to list your products and services.


Associate your brand and offerings with the Litecoin Foundation’s mission.  You may include the logo “Gold/Silver sponsor of Litecoin Foundation” in your website or marketing materials.   More details of the program can be found here.


Litecoin Foundation invites donations from the community to help bring Litecoin to its full potential. Friends of Litecoin will be able to join a dedicated telegram group @Litecoin Members with a special badge.  More details on how to join here.

Our friends of litecoin list.