We’re excited to announce that LoafWallet, the Litecoin Foundation’s preferred crypto wallet, has been redesigned and rebranded. Now called LiteWallet, the new version of the iOS app (v2.4.0) includes some important features such as prominent access to the Buy Litecoin option, as well as a feature that lets users easily donate a small (0.009Ł) amount of Litecoin to the Litecoin Foundation in the send menu.

The more straightforward and simple design represents the transition the Litecoin Foundation has undertaken over the last year and also addresses user trends and preferences.

“As the Litecoin Foundation continues to grow and brand and name recognition become a more important piece of mass adoption, we needed a more straight-forward way to share the app with the masses,” said Kerry Washington, Lead Mobile Developer for the project.

Currently the iOS version receives more than 700 downloads per month and averages about 6 sessions per device per month. Annually, Loafwallet gets about 300,000 impressions. The goal is to substantially grow these numbers in the short term.

“LoafWallet has played an important role in how individuals and businesses buy, store and transact Litecoin,” said Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin and Litecoin Foundation managing director. “We’re looking forward to LiteWallet making it even easier to interact with Litecoin on a daily basis in ways that are already familiar.”

Melbourne-based design firm, The Tokens and Creative Director Robbie Coleman, are working with the Foundation to drive towards the new vision and update to the app(s).

Starting today, users can now download the new version (v2.4.0) and use the buy and donate features. New releases and style updates will continue to be released as the coming months.

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