When Satoshi Nakamoto first wrote the Bitcoin Whitepaper back in October 2008, the goal was to create a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that would bypass financial institutions. Over the past decade, this new form of money has led to powerful social movements and technological advancements that have evolved cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into something more than what was originally proposed. For some, they are a necessity against the controlling economic conditions that dictates their lives, and a step towards towards a decentralized environment that provides freedom to people?.

The industry is currently valued at $114 billion with over 15,000 markets and 2,000+ different cryptocurrencies, all with their own individual goals. Some will succeed, others will fail. But, we are entering a new global paradigm shift that will change the way that we transfer value across the world.

Litecoin is amongst the earliest cryptocurrencies to be a part of this revolution. Dating as far back as October 2011, Litecoin has withstood the test of time by continuing to be a top performer in the market. This is primarily due to its clear focus on being the Silver to Bitcoin

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