While much of our efforts over the past several months have been focused on the critical area of mass adoption through collaboration and partnerships that drive awareness on a global scale, we are also committed to ensuring that the technology that underpins Litecoin continues to evolve and make Litecoin even stronger than it is today.

From confidential transactions to the Lightning Network, and LoafWallet, these areas require highly skilled developers and product designers. Of course, securing this talent has costs associated with it.


  • Walter Harvey says:

    How does the Loaf wallet deal with the segwit?

    • loshan says:

      This is a good question. At the moment LoafWallet can receive and send to SegWit addresses without any issue.
      However if a segwit address tries to send to a LoafWallet address, this will be a regular tx. If sending from LoafWallet to a segwit address, this too will be a regular tx.

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