As K-Pop continues to take the world by storm, the Litecoin Foundation today announced a partnership with K-Pop concert production company, C&U Entertainment Global, to promote Litecoin (LTC) through the upcoming Feel the K-Pop concert.

Taking place on April 6th at EagleBank Arena on the campus of George Mason University, the concert features K-Pop sensations Kim Jong Kook and Ailee, as well as several other popular artists in the genre, including WheeSung, HaHa, Huh Gak, and Skull.

As part of the collaboration, the Litecoin Foundation has reserved ULTRA VIP tickets that will be exclusively available to purchase using Litecoin. These tickets, which will offer the best seating and experience in the arena, will soon be available on the Litecoin Foundation’s website.

The Litecoin Foundation will also have several members on site during the event to help educate concert goers on the power of Litecoin.

K-Pop has become a global phenomenon with a captive audience of millions around the world. The buzz it commands is immense, garnering 5.3 billion tweets in 2018 alone, continuing to dominate the Billboard Social 50 chart, and even taking this year’s Grammys by storm. This kind of attention has enabled K-Pop to transcend the Asian market, as evident in the increase in top K-Pop stars announcing US tours.

South Korea, the home of K-Pop, also happens to be a hotbed for cryptocurrency. The country of 50 million has historically shown a high level of technology adoption and possess an infrastructure and framework that has allowed it to cultivate a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem. South Korea has been a microcosm of the broader Asian cryptocurrency market, which has played a major role in global activity. In fact, past research has reported that Asian investors account for over 75% of daily cryptocurrency trades.

“These entertainers have millions of followers across the globe, who in large part, are familiar with cryptocurrency and are historically early adopters of new technologies,” said Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin and Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation. “The ability to tap into this type of audience through education and real world use cases can be really powerful for Litecoin.”

Feel the K-Pop is the first of potentially several events as part of the collaboration between the Litecoin Foundation and C&U Entertainment. The organizations are actively working towards a series of groundbreaking events that will blend the power of K-Pop and cryptocurrency, and support the mission to bring Litecoin to the masses.

“C&U has seen firsthand how passionate and engaged K-Pop fans are,” said Brian Jeon, CEO of C&U Entertainment. “We look forward to working with the Litecoin Foundation to put on this and future events that are not only entertaining, but also empowering in the way they educate people on the potential Litecoin holds for the world.”

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