We are pleased to announce the release of Version 2.2.0 of LoafWallet — the official Litecoin Foundation SPV wallet built for iOS. The new version of the cryptocurrency wallet includes integration with Simplex, an emerging cryptocurrency payments startup that leverages AI & machine learning to provide fraud-free transactions, giving LoafWallet users the ability to purchase Litecoin directly without ever leaving the app.

This new integration means LoafWallet users now have the choice to purchase Litecoin in app through Simplex, and other current partner portals. Notably, a percentage of Litecoin purchases made in the app through Simplex will go to the Litecoin Foundation and support the development of Litecoin.

“We are constantly searching for ways to provide users the best experience possible when it comes to interacting and transacting with Litecoin,” said Charlie Lee, managing director of the Litecoin Foundation. “As with anything related to finances, security is of the utmost importance, which is one of the reasons the Simplex integration was a priority for us.”

“At Simplex we are focused on simplifying the purchasing process for mainstream users and giving them familiar e-commerce experiences that can lead to greater adoption,” said Nimrod Lehavi, the Co-Founder and CEO of Simplex. The Litecoin Foundation team has done a great job giving LoafWallet users an intuitive and easy way to store, secure and transact their Litecoin, which makes this integration a natural fit for us.”

Available to download for free on the Apple App Store,, additional updates to LoafWallet, include:

– iPad Support
– Memo/labels in transactions are retained.
– Fully global testing team with improved release process.

With hundreds of thousands of individuals and merchants across the globe using LoafWallet, the team plans to continue to integrate new features and partners to deliver the best mobile Litecoin transaction and storage solution on the market. Download the new version today and feel free to share your feedback!

Loafwallet was created by Loshan, a member of the Litecoin Foundation, and is actively maintained by the foundation. Special thanks to Franklyn Richards and Kerry Washington for helping make the Simplex integration possible. And, of course, thanks to Simplex!

To learn more about LoafWallet, visit www.loafwallet.org.

To learn more about Simplex, visit www.simplex.com.


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