The Litecoin Foundation partners with CipSoft to announce release of LiteBringer

Sept 15, 2020 – Today marks the official release of LiteBringer, a game that fully operates on the Litecoin blockchain. The absence of a central server makes for a unique multiplayer experience that’s raising player control to a new level.

“The blockchain has the potential to revolutionize gaming”, says Ulrich Schlott, lead product manager of the game and one of the founders of CipSoft. “We haven’t been this excited about a project since our first game went online in 1997.” Like Tibia, LiteBringer is one of the first of its kind.

LiteBringer is the first true Litecoin game and runs completely on the Litecoin blockchain. Every game operation is directly engraved in the blockchain.

“For the next generation of gaming we need a popular and trusted blockchain which offers low transaction costs and pseudo-anonymity. Litecoin fits these needs just perfectly.”

Ulrich SchlottCo-founder of CipSoft

The newly developed level of true ownership and decentralization in LiteBringer couldn’t be achieved without these features. Even though the market for games utilizing the blockchain is growing, no game offers true ownership of assets. They only offer true ownership of tokens!

Traditional blockchain games use tokens for the creation of assets, which are secured with blockchain technology. But it needs a centralized server to interpret the token to create an in-game asset. If these servers have a malfunction or are permanently shut down, assets can no longer be interpreted and lose all value.

Online games on a centralized server only exist as long as the servers are working. If a developers abandons their project or goes bankrupt, the servers can be shut down anytime. This would be the end of a game. In that case, players who invested in the game directly or bought assets lose everything.

However, LiteBringer runs independently of its creators and will exist as long as there is a single miner in the network.“If anyone can handle an immortal game, it’s us”, laughs Ulrich Schlott. “CipSoft’s slogan isn’t ‘Infinite Entertainment’ for nothing.”

While LiteBringer can operate independently from its creators, they offer optional services to make the gaming experience more pleasant. The side effect of a real blockchain game is that the game state has to be computed by every client. Normally, this would take hours, but in LiteBringer it takes just a few seconds. Players experience the convenience of traditional games while profiting from the advantages of blockchain gaming.

“If running an MMORPG for more than 20 years has taught us anything, it’s this: It’s the players who make any online game work. That’s why giving all the power to the players with LiteBringer feels so thrilling.” The unapologetic use of the blockchain and its decentralized architecture gives players freedom and security that’s unheard of in online gaming.

By using the blockchain, it is practically impossible to manipulate the game state. For example, modifying a client in order to create a desired outcome is pointless.. Every action is interpreted by all clients, which also know the game state of all other players. Any asset obtained through manipulation simply does not exist for other players. Not even the creators of LiteBringer themselves can create in-game assets out of thin air.

LiteBringer lets players level up fantasy characters like knights and sorcerers, send them on increasingly difficult quests and gather loot. All weapons, resources and even characters are stored on the blockchain and can be transferred safely and directly between players. Every move in the game is a transaction on the Litecoin blockchain that creates value. LiteBringer may seem like an idle game with RPG elements at a glance but at heart is a complex trading simulation. Make smart investments and the game literally lives up to its name and earns you Litecoin.

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