Litecoin Local Chapter

1. Vision

To setup a Litecoin chapter within each country to promote Litecoin awareness and Litecoin adoption locally.

2. Mission of local chapter

The local chapter’s mission is to form a volunteer group that is able to organize and coordinate activities to achieve the vision of promoting Litecoin. 

3. Organizational structure of local chapter

The local chapter is local volunteer group officially endorsed by Litecoin Foundation to support Litecoin’s vision to advance Litecoin within the locality.  It is expected to be self-funded and self-organizing.

Litecoin Foundation will support the local chapter through sharing of informational resources, marketing resources and funding resources – on a project basis.

4. Key members

4.1 Appointment of a Litecoin Lead Ambassador – Litecoin Foundation will officially appoint the lead ambassador to the lead the local chapter.  Lead ambassador will be part of the Litecoin Slack group to keep tab with the latest Litecoin developments.    

The lead ambassador will be in charge of volunteer recruitment – appointing local ambassadors, coordinators and volunteers.

5. Role of Local Chapter

Chapters are to be run by local volunteers who are Litecoin enthusiasts, advocates and supporters.   They should assess the current stage of development to determine the priorities and approaches best suited to promote Litecoin adoption in their localities.   The activities of that the local chapter may undertake include:

A) Organizing Volunteers

– Set up a channel to recruit volunteers

– Administer an online workplace for volunteer coordination (e.g. Telegram group, Slack group, or any app suitable for local usage)

B) Awareness, marketing and education

– Collate and maintain informational resources relevant to the local context, via website, forum or other medium suitable for information retention.

– Translate Litecoin related articles, websites and literatures into local language, where relevant.

– Create and maintain a local language social media presence, to share Litecoin related news.

C) Merchant adoption

– Find local businesses that accepts Litecoin and maintain a list of such resource

– Find local payment processors that is able to accept Litecoin and maintain a list of such resource

– Work with and support merchants and vendors who are keen to accept Litecoin

 D) Projects

– Organize local meet ups

– Support events and conferences where Litecoin is present

– Conduct any other activities to promote Litecoin.

If you are interested to find out more about being and ambassador and setting up a local Litecoin chapter in your country, please email your interest to [email protected]

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in our Litecoin volunteer group!