After years, the Litecoin team finally got a full-time developer

By June 1, 2017March 18th, 2021No Comments

The Litecoin team has no full-time developer in the past few years. Now, with the help of Litecoin Foundation, the team finally got a full-time developer Shaolinfry.

Shaolinfry joined the Litecoin team voluntarily in 2016 and has shown significant contribution and strong technical competence throughout the past one year.

Although we were incorporated not long ago, our directors and developers have been working hard on it, and also the community has shown great support, which are demonstrated in the recent fundraising through the Telegram group and Limited Edition Ledger Nano sells.

We are still looking for more financial support or business partners so that we will be able to hire at least one more full-time developer. If you are interested, please check or contact us at [email protected]. We also welcome more talents to join the team.

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