The Litecoin Foundation has recently joined the Odysee platform by syncing its original YouTube Channel with the Lbry blockchain. Yes, it is official, and you can now find all the content we have available on the @LitecoinFoundation channel in addition to YouTube. We wanted to offer you a decentralized content viewing experience that you are already familiar with, while also ensuring that our content and data are recorded on the blockchain for longevity.

Besides, we hope to explore the possibilities of the Odysee platform a lot more by creating a community channel, in which we can re-post content from other Litecoin enthusiasts and content creators alike. A space for the community to showcase their educative content, interviews, podcasts, debates, events and so much more.

Want to jump on this bandwagon? Sign up to the Odysee Platform using the Litecoin Foundation referral link and receive an LBC (LBRY Credit) incentive upon account verification. Litecoin Foundation will also receive an LBC tip with every verified sign-up. Thank you for using our Link and contributing to its further development.

Litecoin Odysee Channel

Let us know what you think of the new Odysee Channel in the comment section below. What about you? Have you joined a decentralized social platform yet? If so which one? We would love to know where you are hanging out the most.

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