Proposal to broadcast Litecoin’s blockchain on the new Blockstream Satellite

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Adam Back
San Francisco

Proposal to broadcast Litecoin’s blockchain on the new Blockstream Satellite.

Dear Sir,

We are writing on behalf of the Litecoin Foundation. The Litecoin Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to advance Litecoin for the good of society by developing and promoting state-of-the-art blockchain technologies.

Sir, let us first say that we are impressed beyond words by the recent announcement of your Blockstream Satellite. Decentralization, security, privacy and censorship resistance are global issues that everyone in this industry is deeply concerned about. Advancements like you are making move us all one step closer to a world that we’ve envisioned.

And it’s obvious that Bitcoin does, in fact, have the potential to radically change our world. But as you well know, it’s an uphill battle. There will be many more challenges along the way. We believe that cooperation is the best way to overcome these challenges.

SegWit is now active on both Litecoin and Bitcoin. I don’t know if Mr. Charlie Lee would take as much credit for helping this process as we, at the Litecoin Foundation, would like to give him, but many in the crypto community have seen his effort and his leadership as being invaluable. Not just to Segwit adoption on Litecoin, but Bitcoin as well.

Adoption of Segwit on both chains creates an opportunity for us to fight for decentralization, security, privacy and censorship resistance together.

We are excited about this possibility. Let me explain.

Some have argued that with Bitcoin, there is no need for Litecoin. Yet for centuries countries, states, cities, and even local communities have been creating their own currencies. Whether their reasoning be political, necessity, or financial ( eg: transaction fees ), multiple currencies have always existed for one reason or another.

Thousands of years of history make us believe that this trend will continue.

With Segwit technology and with the Blockstream Satellite, we, together, can take another major step to towards a more decentralized, and secure world.

With your help, we can empower truly global, decentralized, censorship proof, cross-chain atomic swaps between the Bitcoin and Litecoin blockchains.

The implications are quite big.

Bitcoin alone can give countries, states, cities and even small local communities the power to make their own decisions about their currency, while enabling them to transact globally in a private, secure way when needed.

Your vision is correct, sir. Bitcoin is the Universal Currency. The one that many will use directly, and the one that will tie all other future currencies together!

Therefore, we would like to formally propose that you broadcast the Litecoin blockchain on the Blockstream satellite along side the Bitcoin blockchain.

We are not proposing this because we think this makes Litecoin alone stronger. We are proposing it because we believe it makes us both stronger together. And most importantly, because it further empowers billions of people around the world to transact with freedom that most have never known. The Litecoin community is a valuable partner- as we believe we have demonstrated. Not only does Litecoin have a long, stable history, but also a skilled development team, and strong leadership that is ready to take on the next challenge.

Sir, I hope you are as eager as we are to work together to advance the mutual interests, and freedom of people everywhere.

To the moon.


Litecoin Foundation


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