After a month of deep double-digit dives in the crypto markets, we could be on the brink of a launch that sends it soaring again. The Litecoin Foundation is apparently now only days away from releasing a revolutionary new tool called LitePay. This new tool, first announced before Christmas, will allow businesses to accept payment in Litecoin (LTC), as well as with the Litecoin-exclusive debit card, from anywhere in the world instantly and without any of the worry associated with cryptocurrency value volatility.

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  • Frank Nicolo says:

    This is very good news that you are aggressively perusing getting Litecoin into the hands of the main stream for everyday use. It is something that we too are aggressively working on regarding Cryptocurrencies, but from a different perspective. We are a part of the mainstream and also making some progress in that respect. That said we have a few projects that we are diligently working on. One in particular we feel goes hand in hand with the issues of this article. Can you please be so kind as to supply me with a perhaps an email address of whom I can send this information/proposal to, or reply to the email address I have indicated below, as this is something that we truly believe will be of great interest to you, and very well benefit both of us in our endeavors. Thank You

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